A Family Like Mine on TV

Remember the Cheerios commercial that raised all the controversy with the interracial family? The ad received so many negative comments that it was pulled from the air. General Mills decided to reinstate a new version of the ad many months later after receiving more attention when it disappeared. People praised the company for depicting an interracial family and putting out a really cute ad.

I recently saw an ad for E.ggo waffle that hit home with me. The family is a white mom, dad and daughter in the first scene and then walks in an Asian son. I thought it was so awesome to see a family similar to mine in a mainstream tv ad. It gave me hope that when my children are a bit older, they will see more families like ours shown in the media.

But, my mind also turned to the fact that many people would have hateful and negative things to say about this commercial- making a bigger deal out of the fictional family and focusing on things that are unimportant.

If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, check it out here.